Following up on yesterday’s post, here is second AMP student reflection on performing our Spring Concert on the top floor of the W Atlanta Midtown

Hi My name is Tajahnae. I and the AMP had a concert at the W Hotel. My favorite part of the concert was when I got to perform in front my family and play my instrument. I enjoy learning how to play my instrument. If you are wondering what instrument I play…I play the flute. I’m doing better in school because my mom put me in AMP. I also believe that I can be a musician when I grow up. I don’t just think I can play my instrument well, I know I can. People should just believe that they can play their instrument well. I felt good playing my instrument last night. The pieces we played were Old MacFiddle, Largo and Song Of Brotherhood. Only strings played the piece Trumpet Tune. Some people played with mentors in the orchestra. We had a lot of fun. And we had a great view.

Tajahnae, flutist, 10 years old