We’re thrilled to debut our Chamber Music Program at Summer Series Session II!

Eva Chin-Brito (left) and Samuel Leyimu (right) in performance at the AMP Summer Series Final Chamber Music Concert on June 30, 2023.

During our final session of AMP Summer Series, our students were introduced to Chamber Music. This genre is a form of classical music where musicians play in smaller, intimate ensembles. Think of a trio or quartet, rather than a full orchestra ensemble.
We spoke with AMP French Horn student, Eva Chin-Brito, and clarinet student Samuel Leyimu to hear about their reflections on AMP Summer Series, and their experience playing Chamber for the first time.
How has your summer series been going so far?
Samuel: My summer series has been going really well. This year, AMP really locked in with the schedule. We got a lot of performance opportunities.
Eva: My experience has been great- it’s really nice to have worked with teachers and more French horn players, because there aren’t a lot of us. Also, makes you realize how small the music world is. I had my private lessons teacher come in for a week, she knew my sectional instructor in the afternoon. There’s connections everywhere. 
What did you expect coming into it, and what’s your experience now?
Eva: There’s a sense of community I wasn’t expecting- so that’s been really nice. Everybody is really friendly, there’s a lot of interaction between staff and students, and everyone is really getting know each other. 
What skills have you learned since being at summer series?
Samuel: Sight-reading, for sure. You get handed a lot of pieces that you have to learn in a relatively short amount of times. So you have to understand rhythm, tone, and the feeling of the pieces really quickly. My technique improved. If you’re doing something 8 hours a day, four days a week, than obviously you’re going to improve. My tone and ability to pick up notes has improved. 
Eva: Definitely non-verbal communication, specifically this week in Chamber Music, where you have to be able to cue each other, and know where you are without saying anything. But also, speaking to others. Social skills are something I haven’t been the greatest with. 
Can you talk more about Chamber? How has Chamber enhanced your playing?
Eva: Being more comfortable on a stage. During orchestra, session I, there was a lot of people you can hide behind. There’s the entire string section, the other brass, the winds- it was a lot of people. But when you take that away, and it’s just you and a few others, you have to really be confident and put everything you have out there. They aren’t seeing a French horn player in the corner of the stage. They are seeing a trio. That can definitely be a lot of pressure. 
What are your future aspirations, as of right now, when to comes to music?
Samuel: As of right now, I plan to try to be the best clarinetist I can be. I plan on sticking with AMP until college, that’s how good of a program I think it is. I’m trying to get into the ASO Youth Development program, so I can become a better musician. I’m learning other instruments, may try and book a few gigs, and that’s what I hope to do. And I know I want to minor in music for college- that’s on the table.
Eva: I’m thinking of possibly majoring in music, and double majoring in something else. At the very least, I know that I want to minor in music, at least. I know that I want to keep performing.
On the last day of summer series, what can you reflect on about your experience?
Eva: Looking back on it, there’s a feeling of belonging. There’s really not a sense of competition, or judgement between the students.
Samuel: Getting to play with Sterling Elliott, that was pretty cool, especially to be a clarinetist to get to play with somebody as good as him. There have been a lot of good pieces to perform, a lot of opportunity, and a lot of challenge- so it’s definitely been worthwhile.