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L to R: Donovan Fuller, Lailah Carter, Nyasjah Brooks, Danielle Liburd. Photo by Zachary Toth.

The Atlanta Music Project was recognized by local communities for our commitment to inspire social change by providing Atlanta’s underserved youth the opportunity to learn and perform music in orchestras and choirs. As this year’s “stellar performers” for the Community Forum’s Intelligent Initiative, AMP’s recently-popular string quartet captivated an audience at FanPlex Atlanta.

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The purpose of the forum is to learn about community issues and resources, share progress on neighborhood efforts, and continue mobilizing NPU-V residents and stakeholders for collective action.

The NPU system was established in 1974 by Atlanta’s first black mayor, Maynard Holbrook Jackson. His aim was to ensure that citizens, particularly those who had been historically disenfranchised, would be in a position to comment on the structure of their communities.
Mayor Jackson had the NPU System placed within the City Charter, which can only be changed by the Georgia Legislature. That same section of the Charter also contains the Office of the Mayor as well as the Atlanta City Council.