AMP Senior Youth Orchestra Musicians Reflect

on Spring Break Trip to Ottawa, Canada

“As a half-Canadian, I enjoyed learning more about Canada’s government. Getting to eat Beavertails for the first time was a highlight. I had an absolute blast at the National Arts Centre Orchestra concert, as well as at dinner with the De La Salle students before. It was fun to get to know some of them better. The reception after our concert was lots of fun as well. Another great benefit from the trip was the camaraderie that developed between AMP students. I feel like having this shared experience brought the orchestra together in ways we weren’t before, and I hope this carries over into next year!”
-Priya Gingrich, a 15-year-old cellist, reflects on experiencing Canadian culture, and growing closer with her ensemble during the Senior Youth Orchestra’s Spring Break trip to Ottawa, Canada.
“The De La Salle High School orchestra students brought a lot of emotion to the music, and I think that came from the energy in the room. Their conductor, Mr. Hutt, was cracking jokes the entire time, and as an ensemble, they were just happy. They genuinely seemed to have so much fun being there with us, like we did with them. They welcomed us with open arms, and really encouraged us.”
-Joshua Croom, a 17-year-old violist, shares the impact of befriending De La Salle’s high school orchestra.
“Culturally, it was interesting to see how different Canada is. It was fun to experience how they incorporate two languages into everyday life, French and English. I also really enjoyed the architecture. In Georgia, it’s all about basketball, football and marching band. But Canadians are all about their hockey! So going to the Ottawa Senators game kind of started a hockey obsession for a lot of us.
-Caliah Matamoros, a 16-year-old viola student, sharing her fascination with Candian culture and a newfound love for hockey on the Senior Youth Orchestra’s Spring Break trip to Ottawa, Canada.
“One of my most valuable takeaways was watching how De La Salle High School students use staccato, and their sharp articulation of the notes. For their upbow staccato, they used this technique where they would rotate their wrists while doing the staccato. It set the tone for the Scherzo movement of the Dvorak piece, making for a sharper sound.”
-Jackson Betts, a 17-year-old violinist, reflects on his experience rehearsing and performing with De La Salle High School students in Ottawa, Canada on the Senior Youth Orchestra’s Spring Break trip.
“I feel like the connection between the De La Salle kids and the AMP kids was strong. We taught them how to wobble! One of the highlights of the trip for me was the National Arts Centre Orchestra concert. Even though I play the oboe, the first violinist inspired me with the passion, movement, and emotion that they played with.”
-Nehemiah Preston, a 14-year-old oboist, describes his experience on AMP’s Spring Break trip to Ottawa, Canada.
“For me, one of the highlights from the trip to Canada was how extremely friendly and welcoming the De La Salle High School students were. They knew the repertoire on a deep level, and really helped us bring it to life. People-wise, location wise, Canada was a 11/10 experience”.
-Yusef Henry, a 16-year-old double bassist, reminisces on his Spring Break trip to Ottawa, Canada with the AMP Senior Youth Orchestra.