AMPlify’s Marian Anderson Primary Choir performs at the Inaugural Concert. Photo by Anthony Alston/Solidarity Films LLC.

Congratulations AMPlify! After a great introduction to vocal techniques, choral singing, and ensemble basics, AMPlify students conquered the stage to share with the world what they have learned.

The AMPlify Inaugural Concert was held on March 28, 2013, just six weeks after the program launch. An excited audience of parents, families and friends gathered in the Ivy Preparatory Cafe to hear our choral works. From the grandparents in attendance to our tiniest audience member – a 5 week old baby – everyone loved what they heard. Most rewarding was seeing the smiles on parents faces as they nodded heads, sang along and of course, took lots of pictures and videos!

The Marian Anderson Primary Choir, led by James Dekle, set the mood with a rousing rendition of “Joyfully Sing” – sung in THREE parts! They performed like old pros before making room for the R. Nathaniel Dett Concert Choir to take over, conducted by yours truly. All in all, the night was filled with choral favorites, great soloists and even a few surprises – like a Bob Marley classic (see video below)!

To close the evening out, the choirs joined together to perform an inspirational piece titled “The Power of One (Change the World). After all, that is why the program exists in the first place, right?


Anxious for more? Come to AMPlify’s Spring Concert – May 9th at 7PM. Details here.