I remember the day I first learned of El Sistema.

It was during a normal meeting of music teachers in D.C. when Ben Hall (Director of Music for D.C. Public Schools) mentioned this amazing music program in Venezuela that was taking the world by storm. He told us of how the system of Venezuelan youth orchestras and choirs were achieving social change through musical excellence – and I was immediately sold on the idea!

Fast forward to Fall 2010, which found me still teaching music in public schools, but this time just outside of Atlanta, GA. Imagine my delight when I received an email announcing the need for a Choir Director (interest peaked)…for a program in Southwest Atlanta…(eyebrows raised)…that uses music as a tool for social justice…(now on the edge of my seat)…and is modeled after Venezuela’s “El Sistema“! Ding! Ding! Ding! We’ve got a winner! I could hardly control my fingers as they flew over the keys typing a reply! I would have never guessed that sending that email would bring me to where I am now.

2011-2012 Abreu Fellows

As you can imagine, serving as Choral Teaching Artist for the Atlanta Music Project (AMP) was an experience comparable to none. I was drawn in by all aspects of the program. I found the leadership of Executive Director, Dantes Rameau, to be refreshing and inspiring.  He set clear, high expectations but gave me creative control in which to meet them. I belonged to a group of Teaching Artists that worked as a team from Day One. Our students were zealous learners and our parents supported the program fully.

My experience with AMP reignited my dream of communities being transformed through music.

See below for clips of our very first concert at Atlanta Music Project!

It is because of Dantes Rameau and AMP that I am an Abreu Fellow today. How appropriate that my last week of Fall Internship will be spent here where it all began! I’ve already had a great first day shadowing Dantes. We visited both AMP sites briefly and attended meetings. It was a proud moment for me when AMP was represented at today’s Board Meeting of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Dantes spoke and AMP 4th grader, Chantania spoke and performed. She was such a little lady! I worked with Chantania in Choir last year and let me tell you, her talents are not restricted to violin!

Chantania represents AMP at Atlanta Symphony Board Meeting

This week promised to bring great things in the area of music learning at AMP sites and I have not been disappointed!  Tomorrow I team teach with our Musicianship Teaching Artist and Choir Director! Follow me as I follow the music!