When the first notes of the highly anticipated Roger Waters “The Wall” Tour resound in Phillips Arena at 8:00 pm on Thursday, November 18, 2010, students from the City of Atlanta’s The Culture Club: An After-School Experience will be standing backstage ready for their turn to hit the stage. Thanks to Live Nation and instructors with the Atlanta Music Project, sixteen Culture Club participants will perform with the legendary singer/songwriter while getting a brief reminder that peace and understanding are essential human traits.

“We are excited that our Culture Club students, who are participating in the Atlanta Music Project, have this tremendous opportunity to be part of the Roger Waters concert. We know that this will be meaningful, life changing and probably overwhelming for them to perform before such a large audience”, says Camille Russell Love, Director of the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs, “but they’ll love every minute!”

Roger Waters “The Wall” has been described as a shining example of Rock Theatre and is a must see among music enthusiasts. Originally performed by Pink Floyd over 30 years ago, its presentation this year is a testimony to the timelessness of great art. This makes the experience perfect for the young Atlantans in light of the specialized musical training they are receiving from The Atlanta Music Project while attending The Culture Club.

The Culture Club provides afterschool homework assistance, mentoring, and cultural programming to City of Atlanta residents in the elementary through high school age range. Facilitated by the Office of Cultural Affairs, and enhanced through cultural programming provided by local arts professionals, The Culture Club is a unique opportunity for Atlanta’s youth to strengthen their academic and creative voices.

The Culture Club: An After-School Experience

The Culture Club: An After-School Experience is a program of the City of Atlanta Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs with locations in the historic Gilbert House, South Bend Center for Arts and Culture, and J.D. Sims Recreation Center. For more information on The Culture Club: An After-School Experience, visit www.ocaatlanta.com.

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