AMP is honored at last night’s Braves Game

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a new player on the team. We recently announced my new and improved relationship with the Atlanta Music Project as the Director of AMPlify, the choral program of the Atlanta Music Project (AMP). I’ve had a lot of great gigs in my lifetime, but I must say that with this one – I hit the ball out of the park!

Life at AMP is a dream – each day bringing new opportunity and new reasons to fall in love with music for social change. Take the last 24 hours for instance:

I was delighted to speak to Music Majors at prestigious Morehouse College yesterday afternoon. I discussed the inspiration behind and vision for AMP, and then revealed my plan for AMPlify. Find it here: The students enthusiasm took my breath away! I walked away convinced that with Morehouse on board, AMPlify has a winning team! Go Tigers!

Aisha accepts the Atlanta Braves Foundation Award for AMP’s outstanding contributions to the community and youth of Atlanta

Braves Foundation
Dantes and I closed the evening by attending a Braves game. There AMP was recognized by the Braves Foundation for its outstanding contributions to Atlanta community and youth. We met other great community leaders, we enjoyed a stellar rendition of the national anthem by a local high school chorus, and I told the story of AMPlify to anyone who listened.

Atlanta Braves Foundation Award

Just before the game began, all the organizations being honored walked onto the field to greet the Braves fans as you see in the above picture. I was hoping they would recognize my hidden talent for baseball and ask me to throw the first pitch! Sadly, they didn’t, so they will never know just how awesome my pitching arm is, but it was still a memorable evening for all!

Nas tweets “I Can”

We recently launched an online fundraising campaign to secure start up funds for AMPlify. With your help, we will raise $20,000 in the next 35 days! We shared the #AMPlifyATL campaign with a few friends, and one of them, hip hop artist Nas, tweeted about it today! He also included a video of our AMP students performing his #1 hit – “I Can”. If you’re unfamiliar- the lyrics go a little something like this: “I Know I can…Be what I want to be…if I work hard at it…I’ll be where I wanna be”.
What better way to “amp” ourselves up for #AMPlifyATL than to see an artist celebrate our students performing their music. Way to go, AMP!

I have just begun my “new” journey with AMP. The first pitch has been thrown. And yes, we are knocking it out of the park! You can hit a home run right now by visiting to make a donation to help launch AMPlify!