What a trip. You may know this already, but Venezuela is truly awe-inspiring. The sessions and readings we experienced as Fellows prepared us well – and then the trip itself catapulted us into another dimension! Every single bit of knowledge we received this year was brought to the surface as we visited El Sistema nucleos!

I have more pictures, videos and choir stories to share than you have time for, so for now I will just say we are forever changed.

I witnessed transformation in my fellow Fellows that warmed my heart. We went anxious to receive and left ready to give. What a blessing.

And with good reason – the beauty and spirit of the Venezuelan people are infectious. It was so wonderful to be in a place that celebrates the music of life so remarkably. Most impressive was perhaps seeing the vision of Maestro Abreu implemented so thoroughly throughout an entire country! We all fell in love with each city in a new way. I personally have plans to return by any means necessary.

On our last night in Venezuela, we enjoyed a glorious evening with Maestro Abreu. We walked out of that meeting with a renewed sense of purpose and passion. Now, more than ever, I am ready for the journey that lies ahead.

And, as always, I will keep you posted along the way.