The following original song lyrics were composed by fifth grader Brooklyn during the AMP Summer Series Choir Composition & Improvisation class taught by Keeyen Martin.

Brooklyn Williams Collage

Was It My Personality? 
by Brooklyn Williams

Verse 1
Oh why am I here right now?
I don’t mind if you can’t see it through
You won’t be my special who
You’ve got nothing to say
To make me feel that way
I’m not your doormat
I’m not your pet
If you don’t trust me right,
I won’t even put up a fight
Is it me, or is it my personality

Was it my personality
That made you get away from me?
Was it my clothes and my hair?
I really don’t care
I’m just happy I’m not with you anymore

Verse 2
I thought that I loved you,
But that’s obviously not true
I guess I just wasn’t the one for you
But that’s ok,
Because it’s the cool I play
I might as well leave you alone,
Where I sit at home
And think about what you said to me
Was it my personality?


Verse 3
I’m sick of you playin’ around and
saying you don’t like my style
I’ll just say goodbye,
‘Cause what you said didn’t make me cry
Just what you told me stuck in my mind for centuries
Oh, was it my personality?


Why did you say those things to me?
You thought I earned
Oh, baby I didn’t even stand to bear
I appreciate myself and that’s all I need
Oh, was it my personality?