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Georgia-based flooring company Patcraft LLC debuted a video featuring the Atlanta Music Project as part of its Transforming Performance campaign in which it shares inspirational stories of performance.

Jeff West, Marketing Director at Patcraft shed light on the motivation behind the campaign: “By sharing diverse stories of performance in the world around us, we hope to inspire innovation and new ways of doing things. Through the lens of performance, we ask ourselves, ‘how can carpet transform space like what’s possible through public art;’ ‘how can we combine the concepts of road traction to designing a hard surface with improved slip resistance;’ ‘How can our products inspire social change?’”

From Patcraft:

By exploring the broad spectrum of what performance means to its customers and those that stand upon its products, Patcraft aims to encourage deeper conversation beyond how well a product will perform on the floor. As the leader in high-performing commercial flooring, Patcraft is collaborating with its customers to support human performance, including productivity, health and wellness.

Patcraft’s Transforming Performance campaign shares inspirational stories of performance—from a street artist to a music program with social impact, to high performance automobile racing.

For more information about Patcraft, visit www.patcraft.com.