Young AMP artists on their journey.

A graduate school colleague once explained to me how she cherished every step of the journey to a concert even more than the concert itself. She enjoyed the process of slowly but steadily learning the notes. Her curiosity was peaked by trying to figure out and interpret what the composer intended. She relished the challenge of figuring out how to master a tricky passage. For her, the journey was as fun as the destination.

Thinking about that, it dawned on me that at the Atlanta Music Project we’re not just teaching kids how to perform a great concert. We’re teaching our young artists to become passionate about the process of learning, with all its inherent struggles and victories. Through the pursuit of music excellence we are developing their ambition, tapping into their resilience and helping them discover the correlation between hard work and success. If our artists learn to love the journey to the concert as much as the concert itself, I know that their success in life will be inevitable.

I’m thrilled that the Atlanta Music Project has embarked on its fourth year of programming. We have concerts galore, lots of partnerships, cool events and much more! Our destination is music for social change and I’m committed to enjoying the journey. I hope you’ll join me.

Dantes Rameau
Co-Founder & Executive Director
Atlanta Music Project