What if it all depended on me to change the world, change the world

Youth Choir in Guarico

Today was the first of many beautiful days in Guarico. What joy this town has brought us after only one day!
After a perfect morning of mini-concerts and nucleo touring, we were more than ready for action! During a break in the choir schedule, I wandered about the building to see what me comrades were up to. Avi worked with a trombonist and two tuba players – one just started playing last month! I watched him push himself and find the strength to produce a sound as big and round as Avi’s. In room 2, Julie and David shared the space for violin lessons.

What is my only responsibility was to change the world, change the world

In one corner was David, giving a young boy his first lesson ever. Both displayed great patience as David walked him through each step of holding the violin in painstaking detail. As I watched the two work together – not knowing each other at all before this moment, yet trusting each other and fully respecting the talent that each brought to the table – I was reminded of the power of one.

Let me be the one to start a revolution

During our five week stay in Venezuela, we are being introduced to more youth ensembles than we can count. In each nucleo, I have witnessed my cohorts work for hours without break in private lessons, squeezing as much instruction as possible into the brief time they have been given. We have never met these children before and we may never meet again. We don’t know if they will continue in the pursuit of music, yet we give all that we have to give in that moment. I thought how wonderful it must be for this young child to have his first lesson taught by a special visitor from the United States, who has given his life away to the cause of improving the lives of others through music. I realized just how many lives have been touched by David within the last week. How many lives have I touched in the last week? How many lives have I touched in the last year? David interrupted that thought as he turned to me and said “Today is his first lesson. And I get to be here with him.” An honor it is indeed, to be one of the chosen few to share these intimate moments. I love the fact that we are all aware of how much change one person can bring to the life of another – even if their time together is minimal.

Let me sing my song to the people of the world

I had the opportunity to work with the youth choir at the nucleo today. We enjoyed rehearsal of course, but the conversations that took place afterwards were amazing. One girl stopped me to tell me what today’s rehearsal meant to her. That prompted another, and then another. Before the end of the night I had recorded interviews, enjoyed a serenade of original compositions, and made new friends. The power of one.

It all begins with one

As we closed today’s rehearsal, the director thanked us for sharing with them. He said “I hope “Maestro Abreu sends us more people like you”. I hope so, too.

A young singer studies her music in choir rehearsal