An AMP student bombards AMP/Emory Intern, Derrick Montgomery, with questions after the AMP Teaching Artist performance.

The AMP Teaching Artists performed their second, free community concert today, at the Stewart-Lakewood Library in Southwest Atlanta. The program included Zelenka’s Trio Sonata #2 in G Minor (clarinet and flute playing the oboe parts) and Piazzolla’s Libertango (beautifully arranged by Cello/Bass Teaching Artist Dr. Jackie Pickett). Thank you to the Stewart-Lakewood staff for supporting AMP.  We’ll be doing more of these concerts throughout the upcoming school year, so please stay tuned for dates/venues!

Here are some samples, mixed by Clarinet Teaching Artist, Bryan Crumpler:

1st and 2nd Movements (skip to 3:25 for 2nd mvt) of the Trio Sonata No. 2 in G Minor by J. Zelenka. Jessica Sherer, flute; Bryan Crumpler, clarinet; Dantes Rameau, bassoon; Dr. Jackie Pickett, bass; Aisha Bowden, “harpsichord”:

Trumpet Trio featuring three levels of AMP leaders: Trumpet three: AMP Music Mentor Brian Labrec, Trumpet two: AMP Intern and Emory University undergraduate, Derrick Montgomery; Trumpet One: AMP Trumpet Teaching Artist, John Bryant. With several AMP students in the audience, we had four “generations” of AMP participants in the room:

Libertango by Piazzolla. Arranged by AMP Cello/Bass Teaching Artist Dr. Jackie Pickett. Elizabeth Oladele and Kristen Faust, violins; Jackie Pickett, bass; Jessica Sherer, flute; Bryan Crumpler, clarinet, Dantes Rameau, bassoon; John Bryant and Derrick Montgomery (guest), trumpets; Aisha Bowden, “piano”, Michael Dana (guest), Marimba: